¬†, was founded in 1982 in Madinat, Al-Jubail Al-Sinaiyah, Saudi Arabia’s purpose built modern industrial city.The company is owned by Sheikh Suleiman Al-Saleh and his son Hani.

Specializing in the manufacture of roofing and waterproofing membranes, the factory has since 1986 been producing various types of modified bituminous membranes complying to major international standards and catering for every budget and climate conditions.

In 1993 an additional facility for the production of coatings and sealants was installed with the aim of offering customers, widest choice of products according to their own requirement.Having as a major goal, international competition, the company has set out a network of dealers, agents, distributors in many markets staring east from the neighbouring GCC and Arab countries and reaching deep inside every country of the Asia Pacific region, while expanding west into the European and North American continent.

This high export profile forces the company to maintain a standard of quality and reputation and improve its competitiveness through technological advances.

This is ensured by a specialized research and development department armed with a fully equipped laboratory for strict quality control of raw material, finished products as well as undertaking the necessary tests for development work.

At home DWI has slowly and painstakingly built up its market share year after year until it reached its present predominant position.

With years of experience behind it, DWI is continuing to rely on its philosophy that success is the sum of individual contributions from every member of staff and the interaction of all departments resulting in an efficient, competitive and personalized service. This has produced the good results of the past and will continue to do so in an ever changing and demanding world that requires constant innovation and higher standards.